Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Break

Some of the things that were on our agenda during Spring Break this year:
-Meet Michael, Bekah + cousins at McDonald's to play
-Lauren + Tess soccer practice Mon-Friday
-Zach dog-sit for the Manning's (Gus + Woody) + the Cain's (Shilo)
-Kim dog-sit for Mom + Dad (Jack, Maggie + Bell)
-See the movie HOP
-Go out to eat at Olive Garden after the movie
-Kim + Brian go to IFA and get seeds, fertilizer + plants for the garden
We would have rather been someplace warm + sunny but we hung-out, relaxed + tried to make the best of it. Wishing you all wonderful Spring!

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The Simple Things...The Griffith Family Blog said...

It was fun, even with the corporate people! Can't wait to see the flowers! Love you!