Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ella's confusion

So yesterday in the car after Kindergarten, Ella told me...

"Mommy, Gabby got her lungs removed." (Gabby is the little neighbor girl across the street whose mommy I used to work for at the little dress up shop)
I replied, "Ella, I don't think Gabby would still be alive is she had her lungs removed honey. You see, we can't live without our lungs."
"Yea-huh, Mommy...she got her lungs removed."
"Ella, do you mean she got her tonsils removed?"
"Oooh yeaaaaa, that's it...her TONSILS"

too funny, huh?

Later, after running around ragged from one soccer game to the next and being severely wind-blown. Ella fell asleep in the car. When we got home, she sleepily walked into the house where she told Lauren, "I almost passed away in the car Lauren." We were dying laughing and she started giggling when she realized what she had said. She said "I meant I almost passed OUT."

We love her silly adorable ways!

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The Simple Things...The Griffith Family Blog said...

She so dang cute! I love it! Give her loves and tell her she had us all laughing too! Love you!