Tuesday, March 19, 2013

WARNING! the use of a certain potty word ahead...

The other evening, Brian, the kids and I were talking about some of our favorite camping memories.  Well, a certain conversation came to mind immediately.  It happened a few years ago when we were camping and boating at Yuba (according to Zach, we were at Sand Hollow when this took place...but we all know Mom's always right. lol) Anyhow, we were all tucked-in, ready for bed and for some reason Lauren and Tess started talking about the janitor at their school. Tess said that this individual was really smart and going to college.  She and Lauren were talking about what this person was studying....would he be a teacher, would he be a veterinarian? Well, out of the blue, Tess says, "I guess he wouldn't need to go to college if he didn't want to.  He could always rub hobos feet, OR he could clean poop off the bottom of the pools." We paused, tried to figure out if that was REALLY what she had just said.  And, then we all proceeded to die laughing....tears rolling down our cheeks.  Leave it to Tess...we love that she is always making us laugh with her random comments. 

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